You sure can.

No need to disassemble your hammock, but you should remove any loose items like peak bags, guylines as well as zip any zippers closed to avoid damage. 

1. Hand wash in a 5 gallon bucket of warm, soapy water. I just use a squirt of dishwashing detergent and swish back and forth in the bucket by hand. You can also use the bathtub for this step if you like.

2. Rinse in a second bucket of clean water.

3. (optional) Use a 3rd bucket containing .5% permethrin solution to guard against ticks and mosquitos while you’re at it. Keep this permethrin solution away from cats as it’s highly toxic to them while wet.

4. Dry by hanging up your hammock to air dry in the backyard. Make sure it’s completely dry before packing it away.