Current lead times are updated weekly and a notice is displayed on several different pages on our website. These pages include our home page, our product order pages, and our Order Details page. Here’s an example of what the notice will look like.

Custom Order – 

Upon receiving your custom order, we will add it to our schedule. You can track the progress of your order here on our Current Orders page. We try our best to work down through projects in the order that they are received, but sometimes it’s necessary to jump back and forth on the list due to fabric availability and to group the projects together for best efficiency.

Ready To Ship – 

We can usually get these out within 2-3 business days as long as there’s no custom items order along with the order.

Accessories – 

We build accessory orders almost every day and we are able to ship usually within 2-3 business days.

If you have specific trip dates or other schedule requirements, please enter this info on the special instructions area on your order. That way we can make note of the request and do our best to meet your schedule requirements.